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When the boys at school hit your son, what shield should he make?

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“I need to make a shield to bring to school,” my 5-year-old son says in a matter-of-fact way as he drifts off to sleep at the end of a long weekend.  “Why?” his dad asks.  “The boys at school hit me, and I need to find a way to protect myself.  I keep telling them to stop, but they won’t stop, so I need to make some sort of shield.  It needs to be stronger than cardboard, but it can’t be metal because we’re not allowed to...

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Insomnia, my enemy

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Sleep is one of life’s ultimate paradoxes. For those who have never had sleep problems, sleep is quite literally a dream. It arrives effortlessly, recharges the body, and replenishes the mind. After eight hours of sweet slumber, the mind can go from weary and haggard to refreshed and ready to dominate a new day. And to all you sleeping sweetly at night, those with insomnia say, “Screw you.” Because for people who have experienced sleep...

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