Anger is not inherently bad.  It’s a basic human emotion that everyone experiences on a fairly regular basis.  When we feel threatened or when something happens that gets in our way, we become angry.  That’s natural and usually healthy.  However, certain things can turn the volume up on threat assessment and anger reactivity, such as past or present experiences that are painful or stressful.  This heightened reactivity can cause problems.  Because anger can be intense and action-oriented, it can take a toll on your health (through increased blood pressure, tension, etc.), harm relationships with those you love, and cause you to react in ways that aren’t you.  Or it can make you feel as if you’re at the mercy of an unpredictable emotion, causing you to withdraw from others or bottle things up to try to protect people from your anger. This strategy is difficult to maintain in the long run, and can create a life of isolation. If you or your loved ones have noticed that anger is interfering with your life in some way, it might be time to look for some solutions.


Anger management treatment

Fortunately, you can learn to change your relationship with anger, using your energy to enrich your life and your relationships. Treatment typically involves a combination of techniques, including practicing stress reduction strategies, learning healthier ways of communicating, using humor to defuse anger, thought challenging, and finding other ways of easing up on yourself.

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